Antioxidant Water


Water & ORP
Sport & ORP


Antioxidant Water, what it can give for you?

Water which helps to WIN.

Good solution, for football.



They will be Fastest...


                     Your players ,

                            will become  winners.












Your muscles

 will become rock solid.













You still don't believe !!!
Go and buy Redox Meter in you local store or on Ebay.



Take your favorite glass of mineral water, and test it with Redox Meter ! 

Answer is below.


Oxidized Water:

+900mV to +10mV (ORP)

full of free radicals - oxidant

Antioxidant Water 

-10mV to -600mV (ORP)

 free radicals scavenger - antioxidant 

lowering: your power of life, vital energy, immune system, makes you weak and vulnerable to infection 

increase: your power of life, vital energy, immune system, it enables you to achieve greater physical/mental stretch, 


I've a very good practical experience with using of Antioxidant Water. 
Is your training program optimal ?
Training with Antioxidant Water have the best efficiency on human body.
An another case is to combine Antioxidant Water with factor Qi .
It's very good solution, in Football.
Best Regards Lee Jank
P.S. I'm internist specialize in antiaging-medicine,
adaptogens, antioxidant technologies...


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